Your story told by the fade lines.

A pair of jeans grow its value from its beginning since you bought it.  Wear them, wash them, repeat.  Those pre-washed and pre-distressed dark indigo denim can shape your investment into an addition to your individuality.  Soon you will discover an adoration long-lasting.

Everyone finds their fix with each pair of drys in their own way.  Some like how the smell reminds them of the production process, the cotton, the dye, the button seals, the metals, and the unique craftsmanship of the brand.  Some pay attention to the design evolved over time, from completely vintage to contemporary arts or from a utilitarian look to gorgeously dashing.  Every element contains one or two stories behind drawing trails to the legend.

“Everyone finds their fix with each pair of drys in their own way.”


Wearing new drys over gets it adjusted to your body.  It essentially supports you and become softer.  Once that has worn down what stays is deep blue pair of jeans with faded lines rubbed off over time.  The scars of life and memory that it has spent with you with marks, cuts, and stains all of which are the very definition of your relationship with the jeans.