How do I return my order?

If you are still within the return window 14 days (30 days if member in Simple&Raw), the jeans are in their original condition with no wear marks and with all labels on you're welcome to return them. All returns are processed within 10 business days from the day it reaches our warehouse in Bangkok, Thailand. The refund is issued via the payment method you selected when you placed the order. 

To return simply follow the instructions on the return form.


Do you offer free returns?

No we don't. We keep this cost as low as possible. We implement our sustainability work in all aspects of our operation, this also goes for shipping. Data show that free shipping increases orders but it also points to more orders being placed before carefully assessing size guides and this is something that increases both outgoing and returned orders - consequently it affects our environment.
Whether we do wrong or right here we do not know. But we try to minimize environmental impact throughout our operation.

Can I exchange for another size?

You can exchange them for anything available on our webshop within the same price range. If you want to change to an item that costs more, please request a refund and place your new order separately.
We will process the exchange within 10 business days from the day your return parcel reached our warehouse.

If you want a new size in a quicker way we recommend you to place a new order for the requested item and have the original order returned back to our warehouse for a refund. 

The return period is over. Can I still return it?

Normally our return window is 14 days (30 days for c/o members). If you are outside that please Contact Customer Care and we will help you out.

I have a complaint, what can I do?

Contact us at Customer Care and explain the issue as detailed as possible. Please also provide us with the associated order number together with pictures. We're happy to look into the matter to understand more.

If you bought your jeans at a one of our retailers you will need to contact them as all claims need to go through the original place of purchase. 

Can I return items bought at sale?

Yes! If you're still within the return window, the products are unworn and with all tags still attached you're welcome to return them for a refund or an exchange.